Washington post

I’ve realized these artwork for the Loval Living section of the Washington Post.
The article was about students going back to school after summer vacations along some advices for a healthy breakfast.

Client: Washington Post
Art direciton: Allie Ghaman

For this job I choose to share the brief to give an idea of the process behind the development of editorial illustrations.

Good evening, I was wondering about Jacopo Rosati’s availability for a project for the Local Living section of The Washington Post? We have an upcoming Back to School section that will have 3 illustrated pieces. Please find the project details below.

Cover image:
A general back to school concept. There’s a lot of room for exploration here, but we’d like a concept that could work for multiple ages of children going back to school. An idea that shows “family” is also good. We’d like the headline of “Back to School” to be incorporated, please.
Inside image:
This would accompany our inside story about breakfast. I can send along the full text, but the main idea is that breakfast actually is incredibly important but that you can adjust things to find a routine that works for your family. You could either prepare meals ahead of time or make food  in the morning. Picky eater kids could have leftovers or a sandwich for breakfast instead of traditional foods. Eating as a family is great, but if the timing doesn’t work, eating on the go is better than skipping the meal altogether. Basically, whatever you must do to get your children a healthy breakfast is worth it.

We’d like a small, simple, school-themed icon to use with the pages relating to the theme.
Please note that the cover doesn’t need to relate to the idea of breakfast; we’ll have several inside stories about many aspects of students returning to school, so a more general concept would be better.

Cover image:
The cover would need to be color, 800 pt W (with 40 pts of bleed on the left and right) by 680 pt H. Please see the attached image. We have a mixture of ad covers and regular covers within our coverage area every week, so there needs to be bleed space on the left and right to allow us to crop for both covers.
We’d also need to leave room for the Local Living flag and date, though part of the illustration could overlap the flag. (See attached PDF.)
Inside image:
This would be color, 530 pt W by 730 pt H. If an idea requires a different shape, however, we could adjust. There’s a lot of flexibility with these spex.

This would be color, 60 pt W by 60 pt H.

Monday, July 29 by 3pm

Work-in-progress update:
Friday, Aug 2 by 3pm

Monday, Aug 5 by 3pm