La vraie start-up nation

S O C I E T Y    M A G A Z I N E

Estonia, the real "startup nation".
In the small Baltic state of north-eastern Europe, a strong highlight has been put on digital. All citizens' data is online, on a single platform, allowing them to sign online, manage their cloud transactions, access their medical data to request an order, and even vote.

Thanks to that, they do not even need to queue anymore, public administrations work more smoothly. And all is secure thanks to a blockchain technology where the consultation or modification of information is known to users.

Spaces of co-working are everywhere, incubators - with dogs as chief happiness officer - it is with these companies that the Estonian economy grows. 

Attracting foreign bosses through advantageous taxes, and even an e-citizenship system with which it is possible to become "e-resident" of Estonia, to create your company in the country, without even being physically there.

Art direction Peggy Cognet