U S B   F L A S H   D R I V E

During the last  years I’ve been constantly working with Maikii on the design of lincesed USB Flash drives. I have design more than 500 characters from movies, comics and cartoon such as Simpson, Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Universal, Pixar.

The development phase start from these drawings. Using the offical styleguide as reference I've designed those turnarounds paying attention on each single details both aesthetic and industrial.
The most important part is to develope a shape which could circumscribe perfectly the USB connector, in order to keep the whole USB drive the smallest possible.

After the design phase, a sculptor starts to realize the prototype.
In a continuous feedback with the licensor every single detail is tweaked and corrected. Once the model is done it will be used as a mould for the mass production.
This particular process does not involve any 3d software during the sculping, everything is handmade.

This is the final product, you can find them in the official shop or Amazon.