M9 is a major urban-regeneration project being built by the Fondazione di Venezia on mainland Venice.
The home of an ultra-modern multimedia museum of the Italian 20th century, technological innovation at the service of culture, retail and entertainment – all in an urban regeneration project.

A Fondazione Venezia project of international appeal, a new-concept district where culture meets innovation.

Featuring the widespread adoption of new communication, mobility, energy-efficiency and environmental technologies, M9 provides innovative services that will improve local quality of life.

I've done these artworks for a brochure promoting some of the features provided by this project such as the museum of the 20th century, a multimedia VR experience to visit the past, understand the present and conjure up the future.
Or the new approach to experiencing and providing retail whereleading national and international companies as well as local excellences are asked to employ state-of-the-art technology to present and sell their products innovatively.