Jacopo Rosati

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Jacopo Rosati

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CX Campus & Hotel

CX was born in 2011 with the name CampusX and with one big vision: to revolutionize the student campus offer in Italy, following the most evolved Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon models, and re-thinking them for the eco-sustainable, connected, smart world of today.
Today, with 7 urban resorts, more than 2800 rooms and 4000 beds, CX is much more than student housing.
It's a vibrant, open community, continuously evolving, very environment-conscious, respectful of everyone's identity, in which people bring their own story, their own views of the world, their own culture and their own passions without any kind of labels or discrimination.

I have created these seven postcards that are given to visitors of the campuses and hotels in their respective seven Italian cities where these facilities are located.

All images © Jacopo Rosati