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Jacopo Rosati

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Santo Stefano

BIG PARTY by Santo Stefano: The secret is in the name.
BIG PARTY by Santo Stefano are low alcoholic fruit-flavored wines that show a new way to think, create, drink and enjoy wine. They are targeted to younger audiences looking for healthier “pick me up” products, ideal for happy, lively, and laid-back drinking moments with friends, where having fun is the demanded “entry ticket”. BIG PARTY are what they say they are: fun, lively, larger than life. A world of happiness and good vibes, where people, animals and giant-sized fruits dance to the beat of live music and enjoy fruity, easy-going flavors among friends.Each bottle has its own party atmosphere: be it a garden, a beach, a club or even a jungle, each setting is a colorful mosaic of fun, full of life and quirky details that invite us to discover something different every time we pick one up. Eye-catching and joyful, young and punchy, BIG PARTY wines have an undeniable collectible appeal that makes you want to grab every bottle to join the fun and celebrate life.

Branding and Art Direction by VOLTA Brand Shaping Studio

All images © Jacopo Rosati